Protect your home from water damage with a WAGS valve

During our home inspections in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and all areas of Hampton roads we see many indoor water heaters actively leaking and causing water damage. Current building codes require a catch pan and drain pipe to be installed to avert catostrophic water damage but what do you do to protect your home from an indoor or attic water heater that is physically impossible to install a drain pipe or pan?
Introducing the WAGS valve (water and gas safety valve).

Typical WAGS Valve

The WAGS Valve was designed to protect consumers from a common problem: flooding and damage caused when their water heater fails.

Most water heaters fail within 7 —10 years. That’s about 5 million tank failures every year. Without a WAGS valve, a leaking water heater keeps refilling— and leaking. WAGS prevents disastrous floods and untold damage to your property.

The WAGS valve is designed to shut off the water supply (plus gas supply for gas-fired heaters) in the event of a water leak from a hot water heater, thus minimizing water damage and possible gas leakage.

The WAGS Valve can easily be installed on all styles of water heaters including exsisting water heaters. The reliable WAGS Valve is fully mechanical and requires no external power supply.

The instalation should be completed by a qualifed plumber and could cost around $300-$400. A little pricey but far less exspensive than property damage. It’s also an ideal solution for rental property’s, vacation homes or any home that you can’t readily monitor for water heater leaks.

The WAGS Valve sits in a drip pan under the water heater and is activated when leaking water

Typical installation

accumulates to a predetermined level in the pan. Once activated the valve shuts off the water and gas supply, indicated by a red pop-up tab.

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