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classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports, virginia beach, norfolk.

Final Analysis does it again.

We where the first with computer reports, first with photo reports, first with online reports. Now we are the first to offer video reports.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a thousand sights & sounds. Now you can hear that faulty attic fan, or see the inner workings of a furnace's combustion or an active pipe leak in the far recesses of a crawlspace. Its just as if you where right there with us in that crawlspace. These videos are inserted right into the appropriate sections of your report where you just click and watch it come alive.

classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports, virginia beach, norfolk.

Here are some actual video samples taken from past reports


Water heater with faulty flue

This water heater was replaced by a "professional" that apparently was in a hurry and left the home owners with an unsafe condition.


Whole House overview

Some of our clients can not be at the inspection so they request a walk through video. This is a service we provide and is popular with investors.


Arching service panel

We see this more often than we'd like. It's caused when there is a breakdown of the contact between the breaker terminals and the panel buss. This will not trip the breaker because it's upstream of the circuit. A dangerous condition that can cause overheating and fire.


Pipe Hammer

It's not uncommon for us to find "Pipe Hammer". It's caused by faulty or weakened washers or valves. Easy repair but can cause pipe failure over time.


Duct leaking air

This shows a separation in the main duct plenum that's leaking a substantial amount of air.  This was new construction. believe it or not this is a commonly seen problem because the installers don't take care to make sure the joints are properly and permanently secured. These leaks can be a silent thief when it comes to Heat & AC efficiency.


Steam vent wailing in agony

This one is kind of funny. It's a steam vent with bad motor bearings and making an eerie noise when switched on. This was a fairly new house and all 3 of the steam vents where bad.

  Termites !

We find some level of active termites or termite damage in about 50% of the home we inspect. We do provide termite and moisture inspection and the documents needed by the mortgage lender.


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    classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports.