Educated - Experienced - Certified - Insured

Our Inspectors are committed professionals having formal education and continuing education

Inspectors are tested, certified nationally and at the state level

We carry errors and omissions and general liability insurance

All inspectors are paid employees. We do not sub-contract

We strive to be the most qualified Inspection Practitioners in Hampton Roads

Our Inspectors

Daniel Rogers

American Society Home Inspectors ASHI Certified inspector 201591

 National Assoc Certified Home Inspectors NACHI 14091017

Virginia Certified Home inspector Lic# 3380000659

Founder Final Analysis Property Inspections

former; Virginia building contractor class A

AS degree electricity 

Quality systems engineer

Adam Comeau

American Society Home Inspectors ASHI Certified inspector 258778 

Virginia Certified Home inspector Lic# 3380000660

National Assoc Certified Home Inspectors NACHI

American Home Inspection Institute, Graduate  AHIT Certified

former; Building contractor JTM construction, 6 Yrs

AS degree automotive technology

AS degree, Air Traffic Control, holds FAA-PPL, private pilot

See some of Adams reports

2009 3 sty, Townhouse  - 1925 Vintage home  -  1917 Bungalow style

1989 Transitional style  -  1984 Traditional style  -  1979 Contemporary style

Reuben Autery

American Society Home Inspectors ASHI Certified inspector

  Virginia Certified Home inspector Lic# 3380000742

Virginia Certified Appraiser Lic# 4001017051

National Assoc Home Inspectors NAHI certified

Home inspector Texas Lic 6393 (former)

See Some Reubens Reports

1960's Ranch 1970's Townhouse - 1990's Tudor style

2016 New Const.  -  1970's Brick Ranch

Final Analysis Home Inspections has been Inspecting homes in Hampton Roads since 1991. The newly formed company was a pioneer in an evolving home inspection industry in the Hampton Roads Area.  This was a time when you had to know your stuff in terms of home construction and building systems. There where no home inspection correspondence courses or internet one stop shops where anyone could become an instant inspector. In the early days we actually had to learn the different trades through formal education and on the job training.  Final Analysis still requires former building experience in the trades and at least an AS college level degree before we consider acceptance into our apprenticeship program.

" We do not Sponsor, Pay or are otherwise affiliated with real estate company's or agents for the sake of getting inspection leads or being listed on their preferred vendors list because we feel it's a conflict of interest. We earn each and every lead the old fashioned way, through customer satisfaction, reviews and referrals. "

At Final analysis we believe it's crucial to have a working understanding of home construction and systems, "it's not good enough for us to know the clock hands are ticking, we want to know about the inner workings and their condition." That's just not something you'll learn in a few weeks course.   It's this understanding, attention to detail and quality that distinguishes an ordinary inspection from an extraordinary one.  It's our philosophy of excellence in all aspects of education, service, and dedication to our clients trust that limits their risk and can save thousands of dollars. Our clients deserve an extraordinary inspection experience, not just an ordinary inspection service

We grew up with the home inspection industry. Because of that we are not influenced by the Minimal national standards of practice that have been adopted by so many companies. We believe that minimum standards = maximum risk to us and our clients. Conversely, maximum standards = minimum risk. It's a simple concept, you see, by limiting your risk, we're limiting ours as well. By protecting you, we're protecting our reputation of excellence.

We are independent, family owned company. We are not a franchise and we are not affiliated with, nor do we sponsor real estate companies for the purpose of inspection leads and preferred vendor listings.  We do not depend on, or work for realtors.  This ensures our inspections remain pure, un-biased and without conflict of interest towards our clients. It's simple, we work for the person who hires us.  A quick Google search will show we have a sterling history and large base of satisfied clients that bears this out.

Final Analysis has completed over 12,000 residential and commercial inspections in Hampton roads. We have thousands of testimonies coming out of our chimney from satisfied customers. We would love to earn your trust, friendship and referrals by providing you an inspection that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your inspection, let us know before we leave and your cost would be $0, we would not charge you, no questions asked.

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