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classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports.
Inspection was at 1pm and they went straight to work. They had telescoping ladders, water temperature and flow gauges, thermal heat gauge (FLIR), moisture gauges... and probably even more that I didn't see them use.

During the inspection, anything that my wife and I had questions about were answered right away. Not the 'let me look into that' type of answer from an unprofessional.

After the inspection, they'd talk to us and would show us areas of concern. Not something that they needed to do, but that's something Final Analysis does as a professional courtesy. And of course, they would tell us the 'red flags' of the home. A quote from the owner, Dan, which left me in awe and in full piece of mind that I chose the right home inspector, "Just because the inspection is done doesn't mean you can't call us for any other questions."

Two to 3 hours later, we received a full detailed inspection of the entire house including pictures of those red flag items I have mentioned earlier AND the areas of concern that would be needed for future maintenance. It also would show images of how things should look if the things found in the home weren't up to par.

The following day, I did speak with Dan and we had a hefty conversation on the items of my personal concern. He even let me know how much effort and expense would be needed if I were to choose to do some of the tasks on my own.

So to fast forward to the 3rd day, which is today, I had spoke to my agent from what I told him yesterday on what the seller should offer after seeing the detailed report. I was told that the seller's agent wouldn't oblige to some of the things i wanted changed because in her 30+ years of being an agent, she never saw such a detailed report and was actually repulsed by it. GO FIGURE! I think her 30 years of experience working with an inspector is because she used her own in-house referral to help with her sales. That's my true honest opinion. Oh, and she works with RE/MAX by the way.

I ended up signing the release agreement to get out of the contract and that detailed report sure did help me with my decision. So would I recommend Final Analysis? Yes. Would I use them again? Indefinitely!
- N.S., Virginia Beach,  November 2017
As a recently widowed woman, buying my first home on my own is very new to me.   All the things I never even thought to worry about in prior years, I worry about now.   Zach recently did the inspection on the condo I am going to purchase.   Zach was extremely knowledgeable.  Zach went through the place with a fine tooth comb.  He brought things to light I never even thought about.  When the inspection was completed he went through everything with me right there, even before the report was issued, so I had the information to go back to the seller before finalizing my purchase.   All the items I requested to be fixed/completed probably saved me a good amount of money down the road.  Because of Zach's thorough inspection, I now have nothing to worry about except moving in.
I highly recommend Final Analysis (and Zach) to anyone needing a home inspection!
- Cathy K., Chesapeake VA, November 2017
Superb work done in a timely and accurate fashion. Final Analysis took time to explain and help me understand what they were doing and why. My report was accessible for me to use and share within an hour leaving the house. Having spent some time in construction, I highly recommend Final Analysis Property Inspections to all (potential) home or commercial property owners, even if you have owned your home for a while. Many thanks to Dan and his Crew for my home inspection needs.
- C.A., November 2017
Great customer service since you call, you can noted the experience in the field, and love the they show you each step the they are doing in the inspection, they are know it the house inside and outside but they make sure the you can know it to, we was a little scare about this processes and get the best inspector for our house, today we can say the we had the perfect ones and we recommended to anyone.
- Y.D., October 2017
Dan did a very thorough job. The reporting is fantastic - easy to read and very useful and user friendly.I will definitely recommend Dan and Final Analysis.
- J.G., September 2017
I had the pleasure of having Adam inspect my potential new home today and I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He was there to answer my every question and didn't seem to mind that I tagged along. He allowed me to get into the crawlspace and explain what he was doing as he was doing it. The company even offered me a Tyvek suit and provided me with the respiratory protection needed to keep me safe! They definitely went far and beyond my expectations. It is refreshing in this day and age to see a company give this type of customer service. Thanks guys for taking the time and effort and your "attention to detail"! I learned a lot from the info that you provided. I will definitely let people know about Final Analysis Property Inspections, I owe you guys a few!
- A.C., September 2017
These guys are true professionals! They set the standards for home inspection and I would definitely recommend their services. As a bonus, they bring a positive aura with them and will have you smiling after they are complete with the inspection.
- L.L., Chesapeake VA, August 2017
Dan and Adam were very thorough when inspecting my home. Everything was explained to me in great detail. Every question was answered about anything that concerned me. The team is friendly and personable, but very professional. I'm totally satisfied and will feel totally safe in my new home! Great job!
- M.P., July 2017
I was very pleased with Dan's knowledge and information he gave to us. Having an honest and thorough inspection is what I expected and most certainly what I received. I left the inspection feeling confident with the results I received. I appreciated the fact he advised us to call with any questions and the inspection was not complete until our questions were answered. (Even if it was months down the road). Thank you Dan and Adam. You were both very knowledgeable and informative.
- K.S., February 2017
Amazing! Super thorough... I am a more educated customer now! !
- C.J., Virginia beach VA, November 2016
amazing inspection professionals
- E.A., November 2016
Hey, Dan... This is the glowing recommendation that I'll take the time to post on Angie's List and a couple other places. You deserve it. We're seriously grateful for your great work! (Juan & Julie) Final Analysis Home Inspections provided us with a top-notch and extremely thorough home inspection. We were quite fortunate to have their experienced and capable review of our prospective home - literally from top to bottom! The comprehensive report they provided for us exceeded our high expectations. It included detailed notes with understandable explanations, clear photographs with helpful arrows, and diagrams. We will benefit from their home inspection report for years to come, as a road map for future home maintenance and improvements. Thank you Final Analysis - you've earned our highest recommendation!
- J.C., August 2016
I'm working on purchasing a condo. The inspector that my real estate agent normally works with was not available so I found Final Analysis online and liked the way their web page showed sample reports. I also liked that they advertised their rates and the credentials (actual degrees, not just certificates that anyone can earn online). They specifically don't "work with" realtors as they don't want to be perceived as being on one side or the other, but if I were in the real estate business I would only ever want to work with these guys.
Reuben ended up coming out to the property today and he spent 2 hours on a simple 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo. He made sure to go up on the roof and into each of the maintenance service rooms for electric and stuff.  He was totally thorough and he found a couple of very important things that I'm not sure every inspection company would have caught. He had a tool that could tell whether the walls were evenly insulated which I thought was especially cool.
He chatted with me somewhat throughout the inspection, and after he finished, like another reviewer mentioned, he gave me a verbal report and then said that I'd have the written one by the end of the day. I told him he could wait until tomorrow, but I thought it was very impressive for him to want to complete it that quickly.
It is so refreshing to work with a totally random company and come away feeling this good about it. Huge kudos to Reuben and Final Analysis. Please consider using them if you are in the Hampton Roads area. I would love to send business their way as I'm confident that they took such good care of me.
- T.D., Poquoson, July 2016
Hey Dan I appreciate that you are there for me long after the inspection. You are a hands on guy and I like being able to ask you questions when needed. You have done several properties for me and has not failed me yet. Keep on doing what you are doing it works!
- T.J., Virginia Beach VA, July 2016
Final Inspection made the process of getting our home inspection completely painless. We were extremely impressed by how professional and thorough the inspectors were. I would highly recommend this company and their qualified staff to any prospective or current home owners.
- S.S., June 2016
Very thorough inspector! We truly appreciate the attention to detail and ability to clearly communicate short and long term issues.
- Q.P., June 2016
This is my second time working with Final Analysis and once again I had a great experience. Adam and Chris were awesome! They were very professional and friendly and went over their findings right there on the spot. Then Dan walked through the complete report with me later that afternoon. The inspection was thorough, the team is knowledgeable and the company is trustworthy. The reports are clean, clear and most importantly, complete. Final Analysis delivers everything they say and more.
- M.B., May 2016
They are experienced, articulate and well mannered. This team did a fantastic job on a home inspection, well above and beyond expectations. This was money well spent.
- J.B., Harbeson DE, February 2016
I consider myself a well informed consumer and shopped around for the best quality and price. I am pleased to say Dan Rogers' work is second to none. His report is very detailed and covered all aspects of the house. He provided detailed information during the inspection and an awesome web site to view his report and comments. I would highly recommend him to any home buyers looking for an inspection.
- P.O., January 2011
I'm afraid that had it not been for you expertise I would have bought a house that was not up to basic standards and I appreciate what you have done.
- R.D., November 2010
Dan did a great job with the inspection. He was very thorough, checking everything, taking pictures, and documenting every little thing. The inspection was only supposed to take 3 hours but Dan spent almost 6 hours going through the house, at no extra cost. The report was extremely detailed and listed every problem that we found during the inspection. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.
- M.H., October 2010
Thanks for helping me out with everything. Your help is going to help me out a long way.
- C.B., October 2010
I've used several home inspection companies and by far Final Analysis is the best. I was not aware how different they could be until I experienced the detail and thoroughness that final analysis provided for me. The house looked beautiful but I found out the roof and HVAC was on it's last legs. Thanks to the inspection report from Final Analysis I was able to renegotiate with the sellers who paid for a new roof and new HVAC at closing with escrow funds.  The inspection cost me $345 but I got $12,000 at closing. Pretty good investment!  I highly recommend Final Analysis Home inspection company.
- L.L., September 2010
Dan Rogers did a great job!!! To all potential homebuyers, remember you pay for what you get and the services that Dan provides are worth so much more than he charges. There is a reason I keep coming back to him and would refer him when you purchase a house to do the inspection. Nothing gets by this guy!!!
- K.L., August 2010
Quite a detailed report and really fast turnaround time!! Thanks so much! donna & shawn, virginia beach
- N.P., August 2010
Very detailed and customer oriented, they will find what the seller is trying to hide
- O.B., July 2010
Thorough, detailed, competent, cost effective, Highly recommended.
- P.R., June 2010
Overall you did a great job with the inspection keep up with the good work.
- R.F., May 2010
Dan,Thanks for your hard work
- B.G., Norfolk VA, May 2010
You did a great job and I would highly recommend you to my friends if they decide to buy a house and need a home inspection...keep up the good work and if I don't buy this house I would call you to do my home inspection on the next home...thanks again.
- C.T., April 2010
Thanks for working with us and for your excellent work. It is appreciated.
- L.B., Norfolk VA, March 2010
Excellent and thorough inspection corroborated by the lender's assessment. Professionalism was evident in the conduct of the inspection and inspector was equally thorough in the follow-up and provided a referral to an equally qualified termite inspector. I would highly recommend our inspector to anyone else who wants to make sure they are really kicking the tires on their potential purchase.
- M.A., March 2010
Mr Rogers is an honest, competent home inspector who provides thorough reports and stand behind the work he does for his clients. Highly recommended.
- S.M., Virginia Beach VA, February 2010
"Information is a negotiator's greatest weapon." Victor Kiam
If you don't know you can't ask. The inspection revealed many issues small and large. We asked the seller to address several issues and they agreed to some of them. We'll use the report as a checklist to correct all the problems and recommendations noted. With out the inspection we would not have had a clue. Three floor joists were cut completely through. The FHA inspector didn't crawl under the house and didn't catch this even though FHA requires this to be noted and repaired if caught. The seller is fixing this but this would not have been the result without our own professional home inspection which is hugely more thorough than what the FHA appraiser will do. Even if your inspection reveals a perfect house then you will have the comfort of knowing that vs. wondering if there are problems. Final Analysis I am sure is one of the best if not the best home inspectors to hire.
- Gary.B., Chestwefield VA, February 2010
They are very professional and knowledgeable about their work. He completed several inspection areas that most home inspectors don't look at or consider. I was very pleased with Final Analysis's work.
- M.D., January 2010
Awesome job Final Analysis. Very informative. Very Helpful! Love the pictures and the explanations.
- A.R., January 2010
Final Analysis home inspections was referred to me by my boss who had used them. I've had other home inspections in the past but I was not impressed and almost opted out of an inspection when we bought our new house. Dan Rogers, the inspector we had changed all that. His attention to detail, his professionalism and technical competence along with one of the most professional inspection reports I've ever seen has restored my confidence in the inspection industry. His inspection removed all doubt about the house we were buying. I was quite surprised at the things he discovered and because of his inspection we were able to renegotiate with the sellers to get everything fixed before we closed. The inspection cost $400 but it saved me thousands. Thank you Dan and Final Analysis. I highly recommend your services to anyone needing a home inspection and just like my boss, I will suggest all my friends use you.
- T.L., November 2009
The inspector was prompt, courteous, thorough, and accommodating of all my questions. I actually enjoyed being part of the inspection and learned a lot. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Final Analysis to anyone, and feel confident that our new home will be in great shape thanks to their expertise and commitment to the job.
- R.E., September 2009
Very, very thorough!! Don Burke
- D.B., September 2009
What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Final Analysis. Very professional and knows their stuff! I was even more impressed when I saw the video footage that they took the time to record and include in the report. To actually see the electric box arcing...Thank you, thank you, thank you. With two children, we would have been devastated had we not been aware of the potential dangers. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone considering buying a home.
- D.P., September 2009
I am not very easily impressed, and I know professionalism when I see it. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of prior and current building methodologies, building code and best practices. So here are some of the facts: Dan arrived on time ready to work (before even I showed up). I followed him through some of the areas and asked questions as we went along. He took the time to describe what he found in clear, understandable terms and explained the potential consequences. There were areas of the crawl-space that requires a a bunny suit that he tackled ( I didn't follow him here). Armed with his report, I am currently negotiating with the bank. Thanks - Dan
- K.C., September 2009
We are extremely pleased with the job that Dan did for us. Our report we professionally done and he was super thorough. There were no surprises in the report, he was up front with everything he was going to document, and he did not mind me tagging along for the entire inspection. He is also one of the nicest people we have ever met. I will recommend him to anybody I know that is looking for a home inspection. Thanks Dan!
- G.P., July 2009
Dan went above and beyond what is required by a home inspector. He EASILY saved me several hundreds of dollars by teaching me how to fix odd-jobs around the house which were not necessarily a part of the inspection. More importantly, he helped me gain the leverage I needed when bargaining with the seller of my home to save several thousands. His reports are very thorough and extremely well presented. He's the best inspector you can have for someone who is new to buying a home or less knowledgeable about how to fix odd-jobs. I only wished that I had more home for him to inspect so I could have learned a few more tricks about keeping a well maintained home.
- N.C., June 2009
Above and beyond all expectations or what is required. He is honest, thorough, and knowledgeable. I had several aspects of my home that Dan fixed/pointed me in the right direction which were not necessarily a part of his inspection. He EASILY saved me several hundred dollars by providing me the practical knowledge to repair electrical, plumbing, gas, and heating/cooling in my home which without him I would have had to have had serviced by another company. He's a perfect inspector for a new or less knowledgeable home buyer.
- N.C., June 2009

classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports.

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