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Termite and Moisture Inspections

Bundle your Termite and Moisture Inspection with the home inspection

  •  This is a value added feature of our inspections that is not included by most Home Inspection company's in Hampton Roads.

  • Most banks and mortgage companies require a WDI-NPMA-33, AKA Termite and Moisture letter for closing

  • We are not a pest control company so you'll get an unbiased inspection and report.

  • Bundle it with the home inspection and save money.

The Termite inspection is a general term used for inspection, discovery and reporting of any wood boring insects that can cause damage to wood framing.  

The Moisture inspection is the inspection, discovery and reporting of any moisture conditions that provide a conducive environment for wood damaging fungi to grow which is the cause of rot in the crawlspace framing.

Termites at a garage foundation


classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports.

We can also provide the NPMA-33 documents you may need for closing

Frequently asked questions about Termite / Moisture

  • What is the Termite and Moisture inspection?

    • These are the specific inspections and documents (aka TERMITE LETTER) that may be required by the lender to get a mortgage on the property.

    • Termite / Moisture inspections are not part of a regular home inspection and not provided by most home inspectors.

    • Final Analysis Property inspections does provide this service for a small additional fee but only when combined with a home inspection.  We are not exterminators and do not do individual termite inspections.

    • The inspection looks for and reports on any wood destroying organisms (WDO) such as termites, powder post beetles and fungi or those conditions that foster WDO such as high moisture or water vapor levels in the crawlspace or wood framing.


  • Do you provide the documents that the bank needs for closing?

    • YES. We provide the NPMA-33, a standardized form required by mortgage companies and banks at closing. Note: the bank requires a "clear letter" meaning No Wood destroying organisms. If we find WDO you will have to get a "clear letter" from the exterminating company that provides the treatment.


  • My agent says is illegal and not allowed for the buyer to get their own WDO inspections and only the seller can pay for it?

    • Not true. Many agents are misinformed and mistake inspection fees with closing cost. On some loans such as Veterans Administration, the veteran is not allowed to pay for closing cost so often times those cost are packaged back into the loan to give the appearance that the seller is paying those cost. However, Inspection fees are not part of the closing cost and can be paid by the buyer. Many times the contract is written so that the seller pays for the termite inspection at closing.


  • Do you accept escrow payments for WDO inspections at closing?

    • No - All inspection payments are due when the inspection is complete. The only reason exterminators accept settlement payments is because often there is a 1% cap for repairs or treatment built into the contract and most exterminators know this and being in the business of selling services, don't mind getting paid at settlement.


  • Do you treat for WDO or repair wood rot?

    • No -  Many exterminators double as repair contractors and they use their "free" inspection to go in and sell services.  We do note have a stake in the game and therefore can provide pure and truthful information.


  • If it fails your WDO inspection, How do we get a "clear letter " ?

    • The extermination company who provides the required treatment should provide the clear letter.

 or call 757 495-2300

classy home inspection company with great inspectors and detailed reports.